Seven steps to realize your dreams: Step 1. Be yourself

Seven steps to realize your dreams:

Step 1. Be yourself

  1. Be yourself. It all starts and ends with yourself. And it doesn’t matter how many voices you might hear out there to tell you what you should believe or follow, at the end you have to listen to yourself. You will find out that you knew it already. This means especially: It is o.k. to follow what you like. To enjoy what makes you happy. There is no obligation to follow the crowd, your friends or the parent’s advice at the very end. The most important thing is to learn, and you can learn the best if you do it yourself.


This is true in so many ways. You can decide to spend your time inside or outside, to read, dream, ride a bicycle, to devote yourself to a game you enjoy, to become master in something you like. To follow any interest that seems fascinating to you. The more you allow yourself to follow your idea, your curiosity, the stronger your sense of yourself will realize itself.

Just be careful not to follow automatically the beaten track, where everybody is heading towards if you don’t feel comfortable with it.

And you always know it. You can feel it. Remain curious, stay with the beginners’ mind and allow yourself to have your opinion.


Develop and train your own senses and your own experiences. We all come from a history of millions of years knowing how to live and how to survive. If you want to lose your anxiety and gain confidence, you have to make real experiences out there.

If you want to gain confidence train yourself how to survive out there. Where you can go with your feet, what you can do with a small backpack and just a little money. It is your opportunity to grow and experience. Everything can help you on that way. Knowing how to handle cold weather or hot climate, hunger and thirst, how to find a place to relax and sleep, to discover a path you can follow.


Swimming in the lakes, rivers and oceans, walking through the fields, meadows, deserts and mountains. Pack your staff on you backpack and try to get where you want to go. Or take a bicycle, learn how to repair it and follow your way across the country. Take the rainy season or the winter time when it snows if you want to experience something. Everyday there is a chance you can have an adventure. Or just take the other bus. Taking you somewhere were you have never been.

You can make every day an interesting experience. Just use the chances you have to improve your self-confidence and try it out. The only thing you should take care of is not spending to much of your time following bullshit or the media on tv, the internet or your mobile. This is not the way you will discover yourself. You can use it, but only if you gain confidence in yourself.

This is the most important step. Learn how to trust yourself and your decision.


Be courageous to follow an idea or an adventure that inspires you. Any idea is valid. One day you might try to clean you room from everything and make it as empty a possible. As organized as you might dream of. The other day you might get inspired by trying to build what you always wanted: With the least equipment and out of rubbish. Again, don’t buy the story that you need to buy that much to make an experience that is valid. Buying isn’t essential, doing is. Trying is.

There are endless ways you can train yourself. Playing with a ball, trying to get better in any sports. Doing exercise that strengthens your endurance, your strength, your flexibility. Again, you can do this with the cheapest equipment you can find. Less is more. If you´re young enough, you can learn to run bare feet as men did for the last 1 million years. Yes, you are perfectly prepared. You can eat irregularly and it doesn’t have to be healthy all the time. Just don’t follow the addictions that are out there. And anything can become an addiction.


Just try something different. It might help to get up with the other leg, move your bed to a new spot in your room, brush your teeth with the wrong hand. You can try to write with the other hand to train your flexibility. You can learn poems or play acts in front of your mirror, you can dance with your headphones on to your favorite music and get as mad as you want.

You are the true artist, and you are a little god by yourself. There is no danger following the wrong idea or the wrong path. As long as you stay in contact with yourself you will get the right inspiration and make the right decisions. And again, you don’t have to think you are too much of this or that. It is perfectly well how you are and you might realize that you are just different -as everybody else.


Don’t try to act as a man or a woman, a kid or a grownup, a citizen or a stranger just because you think you have to. This is all bullshit and you don’t have to follow that idea at all. The most famous pop stars allow themselves to be a mixture of what they want to be. We love them for that attitude. You are not different.

There are more movements out there that you can count that can inspire you on the way of self-realization, of empowerment. Of liberation, of diversity, of open-mindedness, awareness, mindfulness. Of creativity, agility. It all comes to the same conclusion: You are free and you are your own unique expression. There is nothing big about it, it doesn’t put any pressure on you. You don´t have to win or impress or prove anybody. You can just allow you to be yourself.


What ever you do, it is all right. You might want to dream or act, to do more or to do less, it is ok. You will find it out yourself. But you have to try it yourself. There is nobody that can tell you what your special way is. But you have to make your experiences so that you can learn from them. And allow yourself to be intense. You might be quiet and receptive, loud and expressive. You might be both. You are not one of these attitudes, you are all of them combined.

People are not shy or courageous, intelligent or simple, strong or weak. We will experience all states and feelings and they are all part of us. But one thing is clear: The more you allow yourself to follow your path, the more on the long run you will get what you want and you will feel self-confident in what you do.


Certainty comes out of the courage to follow uncertain paths. So if you don’t feel like doing what you´re supposed to do but you prefer to do it your way, this might just be the right way that makes you stronger.

At the end, what does matter is that you feel happy with your life.


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